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We developed our Free logo maker and Business card maker to provide a complete solution of everyone. Use our logo maker free and choose from over 5000 logo designs. Create your Logo via our Logo Maker in minutes. Every design is delivered in .eps (vector), .svg (vector), and .JPG and .PNG.

  • Choose from thousands of Logo and Business card designs.
  • After download you can edit your design later on a PC, Mac, or Mobile.
  • Save your designs into your account and edit them later.
  • Download your Logo design or Business card Instantly.
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    Choose from thousands of designs created by professional Logo Designers.
    All the designs are editable with our Free logo maker and Business Card Creator

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    Need A Logo? Make A Logo Online Free in Seconds with our Logo Maker

    Create your own Logo in a few steps with our Easy to Use Free Logos Maker

    Fill in your company and slogan, choose a business category for your free logo design

    Choose a logo design and press edit to start the free logo maker

    With our logo maker you can change colors, resize the design, add logo objects, add text and more. Make Logos Free

    After you created and saved your logo design, you can make a business card. Your saved logo design is automatically added to you business card in the business card editor.

    After you are happy with your business card design and logo design you can either save it to your account or download your design instantly. Every design is deliverd in .svg(vector), .eps(vector), .png and .jpg.

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    Do you want your brand to be recognised everywhere? Make a logo in 5 minutes with our easy logo maker You don’t have to be a professional logo maker to make your dream come true. Try to design a business logo design right now via our Logo Maker! It’s super easy!

    Our logo maker has a free collection of over 2500 company logo designs and 500 business cards. Make a business logo and use it for your ads, visit cards and your company’s products. Soon potential customers will recognise your brand, you’ll see. The logo maker has designs for every business from restaurant business to world of law.

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    Edit & Download your own design

    We give you the best logo maker, creative business logo maker. Try it now! In a few minutes you will be able to make your own design be as good at it as pro-designers via our Logo Maker. Our Easy logo maker will help your to create the perfect free logo design online. Get your business logo now!

    Combine & Mix Designs and objects

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    Combine various designs from Logo Maker & free logo design creator collection to create a truly exclusive design. You won’t need any complicated designer software for this, just a browser and a bit of creativity. Choose templates, colors and create your own, unique style with our free easy design creator.

    Free Business card maker

    Make a design design with simple logo maker and use it for your business. A corporate identity will make your company stand out, allowing you rise above your rivals and attract clients. Using the Business Card creator is as simple as the simple logo maker: select – combine – download. Our logo maker supports .eps (vector), .SVG (vector), .JPG and .PNG. Downloaded logos can be edited anytime.

    DIY: Make your own design

    DIY Logo Maker — this is the new trend of today. Make business design via Logo Maker and save on designer services! Without Registration it is not required – you are free to get started immediately. Open the logo maker or , fill in the fields and start designing your own free logos.